A-stock and B-stock quality expectations

Block-67 Round 1 had a 90% A-stock rate. Most B-stock imperfections are barely visible during normal use.


A-Stock and B-Stock are used to indicate the visual quality of keyboard cases they have no difference in functionality.


  • No marks or dents visible during normal use
  • "External surfaces" is defined as external surfaces of the keyboard case after they keyboard has been fully built and with keycaps on.

  • "Normal use" is defined the user sitting at an average desk and on an average chair with an average distance while using a computer.


  • There are external imperfections, with no impact on functionality.
  • Carries a discounted price

If the customer believes the product they received are not graded correctly, contact support immediately after receiving the product, with pictures or/and videos of the imperfections clearly shown.