[GB] Block-67 Round 1
[GB] Block-67 Round 1
[GB] Block-67 Round 1
[GB] Block-67 Round 1

[GB] Block-67 Round 1

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Add Durock V2 stabilizers that ship along with this Group Buy here for only $17. Extra parts and foam kit are available here

Block-67: The 144 USD 65% Gasket Mount Full CNC Aluminum Keyboard

Round 1 sale details:
- 200 A-stock units
- Group buy starting in late August or September and lasting two weeks
- Small number of B-stock units available after A-stock sale
- Anodized Black and E-White case color options
- FR4 plate – see “layouts” section below
- Hot-swap PCB not available (available from round 2 onwards)
- Bakeneko65 soldered PCB only
- Lead time of 3 months

Features and specifications:
- 65% Layout with arrow blocker
- Gummy worm O-ring gasket mount
- Screw-in stabilizer support (inc. Durock V2)
- VIA Compatible PCB
- USB-C daughterboard
- Bakeneko65 based – Compatible open-source plate file available
- Seamless case design
- 7 Degree typing angle
- <17mm low front height
- Universal 8mm diameter rubber feet
- Plate cutouts for easy disassembly with your standard wired keycap puller
- Optional foam kit available for purchase

Round 1 layouts:
Standard or Split Backspace
Standard or Stepped Caps Lock
ANSI support only
Standard 6.25u bottom row

Kit includes:
- CNC aluminum Case
- FR4 plate
- Daughterboard
- Screws (for daughterboard)
- O-ring

What's the difference between A-stock and B-stock?
A-stock keyboards have case external sides with fewer minor imperfections than B-stock keyboards.

Group Buy starts 12/9 and runs until 25/9 or until all units are sold out.

Update: The Block-67 Round 1 group buy has officially ended. No refunds and order cancellations are allowed from now on. A few B-stock kits and extra parts remain available until sold out. Orders for parts are being placed right now.

Lead time: Three months from the end of the group buy.

Note: This is a group buy and unexpected delays can occur. The lead time is only an estimate.