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Notice: We cannot combine orders. If you want parts after your first order, please contact support via here or our Discord server.

Foam Kit includes Plate foam and Case foam

PCB is a solderable PCB

Plate is the same FR4 plate from the round 1 kit

Daughterboard includes a JST cable 

By purchasing a PCB and Plate, you have all the necessary parts for an extra build for your Block-67 case (excl. switches and stabilizers).


Group Buy starts 12/9 and runs until 25/9 or until all Block-67 units are sold out.

Update: The Block-67 Round 1 group buy has officially ended. No refunds and order cancellations are allowed from now on. A few B-stock kits and extra parts remain available until sold out. Orders for parts are being placed right now.

Lead time: Three months from the end of the group buy.

Note: This is a group buy and unexpected delays can occur. The lead time is only an estimate.