[GB] Durock V2 Stabilizers

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Notice: We cannot combine two or more orders. If you want parts after your first order, please contact support via here or our Discord server.

Durock V2 Stabilizers that ship along with the Block-67 Group Buy.

Includes 1x 6.25u and 4x 2u stabilizers - covers 65% boards like the Block-67.

Group Buy starts 12/9 and runs until 25/9 or until all Block-67 units are sold out.

Update: The Block-67 Round 1 group buy has officially ended. No refunds and order cancellations are allowed from now on. A few B-stock kits and extra parts remain available until sold out. Orders for parts are being placed right now.

Lead time: Three months from the end of the group buy.

Note: This is a group buy and unexpected delays can occur. The lead time is only an estimate.